Steps for Data Science project

It all starts with asking an interesting question and then…

  1. Problem definition and planning:
    1. Identify problem
    2. List the projects deliverables
    3. Generate success factors
    4. Understand each resource and other limitations
    5. Put together appropriate team
    6. Create a plan
    7. Perform a cost/benefit analysis
  2. Data preparation:
    1. Access and combine data tables
    2. Summarize data
    3. Look for errors
    4. Transform data
    5. Segment data
  3. Analysis:
    1. Summarize data
    2. Exploring relationships between attributes
    3. Grouping the data
    4. Identifying non-trivial facts, patterns and trends
    5. Build regression models
    6. Build classification models
  4. Deployment:
    1. Generate report
    2. Deploy standalone or integrated decision tool
    3. Measure impact

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